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We are a provider of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation products and services such as Continuous Passive Motion Devices (CPM), Cold Therapy combined with Active Cyclical Compression, Electro-Therapy Devices and Post-Operative Braces. We provide these products and services to our patients at Home, in the Hospital, and in Assisted Living Facilities.

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What do our patients say?

"When I used to think of cryotherapy; ice packs and cryocuff are what came to mind.  Those, along with many other products were good, but there was no "gold standard" that differentiated itself from all the other choices out there.  After my ACL reconstruction, I am so thankful that my Dr. set me up with Orthomedx and their Home Rehab Program (which includes the Game Ready cryo-compression system and a CPM).  It was fantastic!  My recovery was 90% faster than my original ACL tear 10 years ago and I'm sure the Game Ready had a lot to do with that.  A great surgical outcome combined with a fantastic modality allowed me to come back to work in less than 2 weeks without crutches or a brace!  Thank you!"

Matt - Orlando, FL
Physical Therapist

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