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On that you can rely!

ARTROMOT®-K3 was developed for demanding use in clinics and rental programs.

  • Handheld programming unit
  • Robust metal construction
  • Lightweight design for easy transport
  • Frame construction for easy handling
  • No left/right-leg conversion
  • Easy set-up

Anatomically precise technology

ARTROMOT®-K4 features a true anatomical hip axis, enabling precise adjustment of the device to the patient's hip and knee pivot.

In addition to the ARTROMOT®-K3, the ARTROMOT®-K4 offers:

  • A greater range of motion
  • Anatomical correct motion

Indications, e.g.

  • Anthrotomy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Operatively treated fractures and pseudarthrosis
  • Stable osteosyntheses
  • Joint mobilization under narcosis
  • ACL/PCL reconstructions
  • Total knee and total hip replacement
  • Meniscectomy
  • Autologous chondrocyte transplantation (ACT)



We proudly endorse Artromot® CPM Therapy to all of our patients:



CPM stands for Continuous Passive Motion. This term refers to the conservative and postoperative continuous passive motion treatment of a joint/extremity using a motorized motion device.

General indications:
arthrotomies and arthroscopies combined with synovectomy or arthrolysis
after arthrolysis under narcosis
operative treatment of fractures, pseudoarthrosis and transposition surgery
implantation of endoprostheses (e. g. total knee arthroplasty)
ligament reconstruction (e. g. ACL - reconstruction)
for thrombosis prophylaxis

Clinical benefits of ARTROMOT® - CPM therapy:
promotes the healing process
prevents functional impairment
improves joint mobility
high degree of patient compliance
supports the therapist through 24-hour-availability of the CPM-device
reduces the length of hospital stay
reduces total rehabilitation costs
has no side effects
helps to achieve a better rehabilitation result, earlier and more comfortably.

Effect of the ARTROMOT®-CPM therapy:
An early postoperative start of the CPM therapy helps to prevent negative effects of immobilization and ensures an improved and faster healing process of the affected tissue.

The positive effect resulting from the gentle and passive movement of the operated/affected extremity is achieved by better transport of nutrients in synovial fluid
and increased blood circulation in soft tissue. Furthermore, the motor stimulus from the ARTROMOT® -CPM device speeds up the healing process of the affected tissue.


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