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Come back from injuries and surgery faster – just like the pros. Game Ready combines active compression to quickly push fluids away from the injury site with controllable cold therapy to promote faster healing.

Orthomedx orthopaedic rehabilitation
Orthomedx orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Recovering from a soft tissue injury or orthopedic surgery? Want to minimize the pain, maximize your rehab program, and accelerate your return to the activity you love? Orthomedx Corporation is proud to present Game Ready™.

Muscle tear, ligament strain, joint sprain, tendonitis, orthopedic surgery? Do what professional athletes are doing. Get Game Ready™ and get over your injury faster. The revolutionary Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System delivers advanced active compression and cold therapy to assist your body’s natural healing processes. In fact, athletic trainers and orthopedic surgeons report that using Game Ready dramatically decreases post-operative pain and enables remarkably quicker returns to normal activity. So don’t sit on the sidelines. Get back into the game faster—with Game Ready.


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